Protocol Guide is an administrative tool to manage all hospital protocols to help guide staff.

Administrative tool to manage the daily shift handovers between medical staff in the department.

Early Pregnancy Problem Clinic (EPPC) manages all early pregnancy problems.

The system can integrate with our Operation and Booking modules (in cases of continuation of pregnancy).


 Complete paperless system covering all Early Pregnancy problems, including the Patient Referral Pathway, starting from either the General Practitioner or Patient self referral. The system incorporates Administrative as well as Clinical Management of Early Pregnancy problems, such as Ectopic Pregnancy, Molar Pregnancy and Miscarriages. Smart tools within the system help the medical staff to evaluate the risk of each individual case, in order to detect if the patient has been previously seen by Senior Medical Staff. Supported with multi scenarios to give the doctor the appropriate suggested management for the patient. A customised scenario can be added by Senior Staff in each unit


Our administrative tool helps to manage staff rotation timetable in the department.

This software interacts with our Shift Handover and Attendance Register modules.

Meeting Manager is a powerful administrative tool from Records Doctor that enables comprehensive management and
collection of event attendance data. Choose from a range of options when creating your event, such as speakers, guests,
event programme and agenda. Meeting Manager is web integrated to enable real-time capture of attendances from a
smartphone or tablet on the day of the event.

Meeting Manager is software package that can be used as a standalone solution or as an integrated module in the
‘Hospital Manager’ system from Records Doctor. Choose from our Cloud hosted options, or choose to integrate within your
organisation’s existing network.

System Alerts

email-iconEnsure all of your staff are informed and up-to-date with your meeting plans. Once you have confirmed your event, a group email will be automatically sent to all the eligible staff, speakers, guests and
sponsors (if applicable), informing them of their invitation.


Real-time Data Entry

mobile-device-iconMeeting manager provides a web component that enables real-time capture of data. Attendees, at the
time of the event, can register their attendance using a smartphone or tablet, by accessing a webpage
on They will be prompted to enter a unique attendance code sent by email before
confirming their status.

Detailed Reports

report-iconDetailed pre event report sent by email to all invited staff, containing information such as lists of speakers or guests attending, event programme, and agenda notes. Post event, an additional report is sent by email with the attendance statistics (with charts) and minutes or recommendations added from the person in charge of
the event.


Detailed Attendance Analysis

As part of their event invitation email, each invited staff member will receive a unique ‘Attendance Code’. This code is entered at the time of the event by the attendee, using their smartphone or mobile device, enabling them to record
their attendance.

This data-capture is recorded in the system and can be accessed at any time as part of Meeting Manager’s powerful
statistics option, providing comprehensive statistical analysis of attendances over a time period.



System Features

  • One-off or repeating events
  • Automatic email invitations
  • Real-time attendance capture
  • Detailed pre and post event reports
  • Create event programmes
  • Enable attendee feedback capture
  • Assign attendees to groups
  • Accept sponsor requests
  • Attach files to invitation emails
  • Instant statistics with charts
  • Powerful searching and reporting
  • Staff Service/Training Passport