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Delivery Suite Manager

Delivery is a comprehensive real-time software package that enables detailed descriptive data capture for all delivery types in your unit, providing accurate, up-to-date classifications and statistics based on the widely used Robson Grouping.

The system has been expertly designed to capture data in a logical and intuitive format, with emphasis on detailed clinical data that can then be used for analysis for auditing and improving the service.


Robson Grouping

robosn-iconDelivery data follows the widely used Robson classification which classifies women into 10 groups based on
their obstetric characteristics that are routinely collected in all maternities e.g. parity, number of foetuses,
previous CS, allowing prospective analysis of perinatal events and outcomes.



Paperless System

paperless-iconSave time, money and reduce the risk of human error. Data can be entered in the system immediately post delivery. Real-time synchronisation with existing software ensures up-to-date statistical data, whilst also
reducing the time spent for a ward clerk to write up notes.




uniqueness-iconThe software’s been designed and developed by a medical doctor with 3rd level education in
computing. This unique combination results in an intuitive, clinically driven system that targets limitations of many administrative-based software being used in the medical sector.



Audit Your Service

Detailed statistics (with graphical charts) on a wide variety of delivery data, such as Robson Group, Mode of Delivery,
Caesarean Section Category, Parity and BMI.

Identify areas of care that can potentially be improved or modified by targeting specific areas. For example, the system can provide detailed statistical analysis on the number of patients agreed for VBAC, and what the outcome is for patients who
labour spontaneously versus those patients induced.


System Features

  • Customisable setup area
  • Real-time data synchronisation
  • Comprehensive statistics with graphics
  • Robson Group Classification
  • Anaesthesia data input
  • Intuitive data entry
  • Differentiation of Singleton and High Order
  • Detailed dynamic printing options
  • Robust security
  • BMI data and how it affects delivery outcome
  • Detailed recording of Intrapartum Events data
  • Detailed recording of Tear and Repair data